Dave's London

Quirky and self-ironic, but with never a dull moment, ‘Dave’s London’ takes the viewers by the hand and leads them off the well trodden tourist tracks to other parts of one of Europe’s greatest capitals. Written and presented by Finnish-based radio and television journalist David Mawby, ‘Dave’s London’ introduces the viewers to some fascinating London characters who all have a passion for uniquely British pastimes, such as maintaining old-time steam engines to restoring Rolls Royce cars. David also goes walkabout in several of London’s less familiar attractions such as Alexandra Palace, the birthplace of Television. He also visits an Elizabethan castle located just eight miles from the city centre and then goes for a stroll on green and pleasant Hampstead Heath, London’s largest parkland. David’s journey is a personal one: he takes the viewer back in time to his childhood and teenage days as he revisits some of the sights of the swinging sixties, removing his newscaster mask to show just how the city moulded and shaped his personality and career. ‘Dave’s London’ is a travelogue with a difference, revealing new aspects of city history and life to even the most ardent and devout fan of England’s capital. Join him for a thoroughly enjoyable six half hour episodes.

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